Bettina's Story

Bettina wants to live – like you, like all of us. The 31-year-old from Zurich in Switzerland suffers from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

In Bettina’s case, the disease has already progressed so far, that she can only move her left index finger, apart from her eyes and her mouth. However, this is vital for Bettina: With this she can keep in touch with her friends, drive her electric wheelchair precisely – and write her PhD thesis.

In the meantime, however, the strength in Bettina’s index finger has diminished. Speaking is becoming increasingly difficult.

Sheer survival is a daily feat of strength.


In order to survive, Bettina urgently needs the drug Spinraza. This drug has recently been launched on the market and would stop the further course of the disease. Unfortunately, Bettina’s health insurance company refused to finance the drug.

Therefore Bettina is dependent on your support: Donate the amount for the next cinema visit, the new shoes or the usual takeout coffee now to Bettina and enable her the urgently needed treatment with Spinraza.

The aim of the crowdfunding campaign «Bettina wants to live – Will you help her?» is to secure the costs for the first year of treatment. These amount to 600,000 Swiss francs (6 doses of Spinraza amounting to 90’000 francs each + 6 applications into the spinal cord via CT amounting to around 10’000 francs each).

By securing the first year of treatment, we gain time for Bettina: because at the moment there is no regulation in Switzerland as to who has to bear the costs for the medication. In Germany, for example, the drug has to be financed by the health insurance funds. Until the legal situation is hopefully settled here in Switzerland as well, Bettina needs your help.